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After 3X'ing his own business, Shawn Johal became a Scaling Up Certified Coach. He currently works with numerous entrepreneurs & their businesses to help accelerate their growth, while finding personal balance & happiness.


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Why Scaling Up?


Using the Topgrading Process, we will ensure you have the right people in the right seats, allowing you to 10X your business valuation.


Discover your company values, your “WHY” and your clear single sentence strategy as part of building a solid one page plan that will elevate your business to the next level.


Implement the best business practices using the Rockefeller Habits, allowing your team to gain complete alignment on your company “Rocks."


Vastly improve your Cash Flow by using the Cash Conversion Cycle improvement tools, allowing you to fuel your growth with a fiscally responsible mindset and model.

Discover your Company's DNA

The 2-Day Strategic Retreat

The 10-Day Coaching Plan

Elevate your Business Growth Through Scaling Up Coaching

With the Scaling Up methodology as a foundation, you'll experience:

  • Complete Team Alignment
  • A Communication Rhythm Throughout your Organization
  • Improved Productivity & Execution
  • Strategy Definition & Implementation with Simple Tools
  • KPI's with Defined Action-Steps
  • Results: 2X Liquidities, 3X Profitability, 10X Valuation
  • More Time in your Days 

Implementing the Scaling Up Process





What People Are Saying

Jebb N. - President

“I have been working with Shawn for over 10 years now. He has been a huge influence on the success of my 3 businesses as well as in my personal and family lives. As a very successful entrepreneur Shawn has walked the walk and for me that has been the main factor that has made it so easy for me to trust his feelings and advice. His main focus has always been on building the right team and thanks to him and the constant emphasis on PEOPLE we have been able to achieve our goals.”

Eric N. - President

"I have collaborated with Shawn for 4 years and have witnessed first-hand his inclusive style of leadership. He is a thoughtful entrepreneur who has demonstrated a clear talent for tackling complex issues with tenacity. His ability to empower people and his ever-present sense of humour will have a highly positive impact on any team or company looking to elevate their game."

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