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Shawn offers a series of workshops on topics ranging from leadership development to influential communication to negotiation & more. 

Inspire your team & make a lasting impact across your organization.

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Keynotes & Workshops

High-Performance Mindset

Do we have the right focus & energy? Are we avoiding distractions? Have we set our vision for the future? Expect major differences in your mindset, productivity & relationships.


How to Speak with Impact

Everyone communicates every day; but are we doing it right? Effective communication is a skill that can (and will) transform the way you operate as an individual & as a team.


Scaling Up: Business Growth

Business growth is a learnable skillset that thousands of business leaders have mastered. In this workshop, learn key Scaling Up principles. Scale up - fast.


How to Build a Team of "A-Players"

In this workshop, you will learn all of the tools necessary to make this vision a reality.

Through Topgrading & the Elevation “Talent Assessment” process, you will discover:

  • A proven process teaching you how to hire “A” Players
  • How to build & implement effective Scorecards 
  • The benefits of creating a roadmap: “What Success Looks Like” framework
  • Creating the ultimate job description that “A” level candidates want to apply for
  • Learning how to filter resumes & interview with the right questions
  • Assessing your team: ensuring all “A” players are in the right seats doing the right things
  • Implementing a systematic “Recognition” process that will greatly increase retention

Leadership Lessons & Building a World-Class Company Culture

  • What it takes to be a true leader
  • The secret to developing leaders around you
  • Understanding the leader’s mindset & embracing a culture that is WTF (Willing to Fail)
  • How to resolve situations of conflict
  • Staying calm & poised in the face of great adversity
  • Learning the difference between Managers & Leaders

Negotiation: Methods, Tactics & Mindset

  • Battle-tested methods for high-stakes negotiations
  • Important tactics such as “Mirroring,” “Tactical Empathy” & “Labeling”
  • How to use voice, tone & body language to set the right discussion atmosphere
  • Learning how to differentiate between the different types of “Yes” answers and mastering the dreaded “No”
  • Understanding how to bend reality
  • Bargaining hard & using the Ackerman model

What People Are Saying

Richard M. - Founder

"Shawn is one of the rare breed of entrepreneurs that has EQ that's as high as his IQ. He is highly strategic thinker that brings fresh perspectives and ideas to any problem. Combine that with his empathy and you have the recipe for a truly great leader."

Martin M. - CEO

"I had the opportunity to attend Shawn's last coaching presentation - it was very inspiring. Shawn puts things so simply and makes it easy for you to relate the different ideas, techniques, and strategies to your own life. He helps break down the walls that you put up and that impede your growth both as a person and in your career. Thank you Shawn!"

Ready to Elevate?

All of Shawn's workshops are tailored to your unique company's needs, culture & industry. 

Transform your perspective, acquire tangible skills & elevate your teams to the next level. Ready for it?